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Connectivity for Education

The rise of online learning has created a universal need for reliable and remote connectivity solutions to address the Homework Gap in schools. That is why we have created a WiFi hotspot solution available to schools through the Federal E-Rate and Emergency Connectivity Fund Program.

Maple’s cutting-edge technology provides hotspots that have been designed specifically to meet schools’ unique needs, safeguarding access to the internet for educational purposes.

With Maple, we make it easy.


Maple puts students on the fastest and most reliable network from any location. Even while students have access to a connected device, they may not have access to reliable, high-speed connection suitable for online learning. These factors perpetuate the digital divide, especially for students in rural areas and historically disadvantaged and low-income households.

Maple, developed with our partners at StratusX, connects students and educators from anywhere. A low-cost, pocket-sized router with a reliable, safe, and fast network connection. All backed by a 24/7 support team in both English and Spanish. StratusX develops technology for securely connecting people, places and things.

Student Needs

• Reliable, consistent connectivity
• Learning from anywhere
• Protection & safeguarding
• Ease of use
• 24/7 support

Educator Needs

• Reliable, consistent connectivity
• Cloud-enabled SIM management
• Geo-location tracking
• Protection, control, & monitoring
• 24/7 support


Perfect Combination of Simplicity & Control

Simple & reliable
connectivity anywhere

Fully portable and pocket-sized for connectivity anywhere

Safety & security

• CIPA Compliant
• Manage devices on the network
• Live information
• Black-list websites
• Reports & support

Connecting students & educators for improved remote learning proficiency & enhanced educational outcomes


• Learn from anywhere - pocket sized to carry and use at homes, libraries, sports-fields, buses, day cares, cafes, and more
• Automatically selects strongest signal, wherever the student, teacher, or administrator may be
• Access to all major wireless networks directly through the cloud
• Cloud-enabled SIM management to avoid physical fleet logistics


• Easily customizable settings to ensure safeguarding
• Geo-location allows the school to set defined places that the device can be used and for fleet management
• Time limits can be set to control time spent online
• Student ID verification ensure authorized attendance and access to shared lessons or video chats
• CIPA Compliant safeguarding from malicious threats & provide a safe learning environment for students


• Able to work straight out-of-the-box
• No training required
• Live and personalized student and educator support in English and Spanish
• 24 hours a day, 365 days a year


• Pre-set parameters defined by school or institution for usage and safeguarding: location, hours, websites
• All parameters can be pre-set and changed in real time by the school IT department
• Real time view and reporting of student activity and usage (subject to appropriate privacy and data protection laws)
• School can view and control all routers from one computer, no matter which network a student is using


• Aligns with E-Rate and Emergency Connectivity Fund requirements
• No cost to schools through ECF
• No hidden costs or charges for data, roaming or network provider transition
• One single fee for hardware and data bundles

Learning with friends & family

Learning in the field, after school or on the bus

Learning from home

Learning at the library

The rise of remote education has created an even bigger need for reliable connectivity among our students. That's why we've created a zero-cost Internet hotspot solution through the Federal Government's ECF program.

Treedom provides students with connectivity from anywhere. Districts can manage security, guarantee connection, restrict online content and efficiently manage the logistics of thousands of distributed devices. What to expect with Treedom:

• Entirely cloud managed system supported 24/7/365 for optimal experience.
• Geo-location enabled devices allow for remote shut down in case of compromise or loss.
• Cloud-based SIMs equipped in each hotspot allow for remote manageability.
• Proactive connection allowing for seamless change between mobile operators.


“With Maple devices, we’re able to provide portable internet devices to all of our students in need. The devices allow them to have access to reliable, safe and high-speed internet whilst learning online at home during the Covid-19 pandemic. This aids us in ensuring that no child falls behind and misses out on vital learning with their teachers and peers, and allows them to remain connected"

- Melbourne, Australia

Maple vs. Other Providers

Direct Control and Access to Schools

Interactive Dashboard for IT Admins

Remote monitoring and security configuration

Integration for Content Filtering Providers

LED Display (remote customized messaging)

Remote Content Filtering

Powering Internet Access at School or Remotely

Remote swap mobile carriers

Centralized SIM management

Customized device management by groups

24/7/365 English & Spanish live support (user & admin level)

Real time device tracking

Remote device operation

Time of Day Control

Data Usage Reportingand Connectivity Management

Dual Modem for optimal quality of service


Other Providers


Our mission is to provide trusted technology solutions for school networks and libraries across the country by developing innovative tools that support them in delivering high-quality educational experiences to students.

At the start of the pandemic, we delivered hundreds of Chromebooks to schools across Los Angeles county through partnerships with GreenDot Public Schools and the Los Angeles Unified School District. Since 2017, our WiFi Hotspots have been implemented in industries beyond only education.

In 2018, we founded Treedom, an impact incentive platform that awards scholarships to students who invest in community service. Head to our site to learn more and bring Treedom to your school today.

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